Lifted my Spirit

Yesterday AJ drew a picture of us fishing.  He told me I caught a rainbow yrout.  I didn’t even realize until today the fish he drew on my line has rainbows all through it.  

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I have read many blogs of people who have gone through the process of cleaning out a parents home, or a close loved one or the health problems they go through.  So I am reaching out in hopes of some advice. 

I am feeling beyond overwhelmed.  I moved my mom into an apartment about mid may and now in the process of going through her home of 42 years.  Just putting it out there plain and simple.  Her house is gross.  Beyond messy and so embarrassing to think that in the last 10 years I didn’t do more to either help her keep it up or move her sooner.  My child home at one time was absolutely beautiful and a lovely place to be. I cannot say that right now.  

So the last few days I have been trying to call her with no answer so I stopped by her apartment. She was wondering around the lobby with a somewhat dazed look on her face.  She told me she had lost her phone several days ago and was still hoping to find it.  Then upon entering her apartment I found a mess.  The curtains were off the wall.  She said the brackets came out of the wall.  She hadn’t bathed for a few days.  She was wearing the same dress I saw her in on Saturday.   


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On Watch

This morning, I rubbed my eyes a few times before my cup of coffee to see that I had a hawk on our bird feeder.  Hawk sightings aren’t unusual in the countryside, just not generally in our backyard.  I grabbed my phone and took some pictures as quietly as possible as to not distract him.hawk2hawk3

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