Roses at Dusk

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The Smell of Fall

Admittedly, fall is my favorite season.  I used to believe that summer was, but something about the temperature of fall, the colors of fall.  Enjoying the harvests of summer without the heat of the day.


I woke up this morning and stepped outside as I do everymorening.  There was a crisp sensation to the air, a few low clouds soon to be burned off by the sunshine, and just the quiet that comes with mornings.    It smelt like fall…

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Good Bye

To my childhood home.  Entered it for the last time this morning to gather up a few last things remaining. 

Sort of sad going in for the last time looking at it knowing it will be changed dramatically by the new owner of the home.  

Lots of summertime family meals shared here. 

The backyard where my treehouse was and a little bridge I played countless hours of barbies on. 

My bedroom when I was young

The main living area where we had lots of family time…

I do so hope the new owners will be able to enjoy the home.  My mom is in a peaceful apartment mostly worry free from the home that got away from her.  

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