Our Last Stop in Italy

Has taken me a while to make this post.  I still can’t find most of the pictures taken here.  Although I have said many stops were memorable, our last stop of this mighty hilltop town and Duomo was amazing.  My very vivid memory was driving through tiny streets only to stop in front of the ginormous Duomo in a courtyard where I am almost 100% certain it was ZTL.  Limited traffic, generally for current city population, first responders, and some that had special passes.  NOT US.


Not only was this city amazing with all its nooks and crannies.  many stores, many restaurants and of course many churches.  But the church which took over 400 years to build was a sight I have never experienced.  The photos I have posted here do not do it justice.  The carved heads on the outer part of the front disciples of Christ, paintings depicting stories of the Bible, New Testament and old.  The large door engraved with beautiful figures.  Inside, again, the paintings, the alters, the candles, the columns are something beyond any explanation I give.  All the citizens in Italy were so wonderful and Orvieto was over the top.  So many kind people welcoming us in, offering up help and naming off the best local eateries that were family owned from generation to generation.

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What Happened in Vegas

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Turning Half Century

I wanted all my kiddos around and I got that and even more. I jokingly stated I wanted to visit Vegas with my children for my birthday, but that idea was set aside because of some other things that cake up.

On my birthday my children pulled me aside. Handed me two cards, one was stating happy birthday and how they loved me and then told me to open the second one. It was another lovely card with a note taped up. They paid for plane tickets and accommodations for all of us to visit Vegas next weekend. I am still speechless.

Lots of family, friends, old and new laughing, playing, singing. I will again say I am blessed. I am blessed.

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