Two Years Blessed

Today is my second wedding anniversary and I can say I am the luckiest lady ever. Blessed, spoiled, loved and cherished.

Also my first rose blossom from the three we planted this spring.

Love the color

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Fragile is Life

Not often do I need a reminder of how fragile life is. This last week started by attending a memorial service for a dear friend and ended with the last of multiple visits I made to my boss of over 30 years. During the time I have worked for him I have never seen him sick.

Then yesterday I got to spend time with my grandson who was born a year ago and was in the ICU for over two weeks.

Happy to report he is strong happy loving baby.

Take an extra second to hug kiss or tell those you love how much they mean to you or just a comforting touch.

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I didn’t step on the scale today as I broke my diet the last two days. But happy to report I feel great. I saw some friends and family I have not seen in a while and got many compliments on my appearance. So, I will go with the satisfaction of knowing that the effort I have put in is paying off.

Sitting outside in the sunshine thanking God that I am so blessed to be where I am today. Loving husband, three absolutely amazing children, and two awesome grandsons.

I wish for everyone that they can enjoy their day and be thankful for their mothers or father’s or children or whatever has blessed in life.

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