Crazy Time

One week ago I was in a hospital bed crying, alone. The cardiologist had just informed me I need heart surgery in the morning to determine why I was having so much pain.

Being a time of pandemic I was not allowed to have any visitors. This was so hard because all I wanted to do was hug my children and grandchildren. Tell my sisters how much I loved them.

A week later and I am home recovering. Happy to say I got to see my children and hug them and love them up!!!

My kids waving to me from the hospital sidewalk.
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If you water and maintain your Christmas Poinsettia it will survive more than one holiday and even begin to show signs of red after five years.

I positioned this plant in the hallway so I would pass it everyday. I’ve been watering it about once a week and trimming off any tired looking foliage.

I view this new sign of red as a sign of hope.

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Saturday Shenanigans

Before we are officially asked to stay put I packed up the dogs and drove to the beach.

There were no tourists. Very little foot traffic on the water front.

The pups were probably as happy as I was to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Not a cloud in the sky.

I stayed mostly clear of anyone I would see and had sanitizer in spray form and alcohol wiped in case.

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