Last Day of Summer

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After Siena, we made our way to Castellina in the Chianti region of Italy.  It was not a long drive to get to our destination, but every corner we turned was so beautiful we stopped a lot.

We did one winery tour where the wine master used the word Allora.  I had heard the word a few times on our trip, but not in the way it rolled off his tongue.  I politely asked during the wine tasting what it meant, not being proficient in English, it took him a while to explain what it meant… others in the tasting helped him along.  The word Allora is a filler word, well, so, and then, moving on.  Seemed so basic, but the way he pronounced it was elegant.

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Love all My Kiddos

But are there favorites? I hate even asking this question in fear of being reprimanded or criticized. I have three incredible wonderful amazing children. Two girls and one son.

As mentioned in prior posts, my son and I are close. We share many same interests including new ones like fly fishing. We love good food and drink. We love sports and are mostly competitive.

I just have a special place in my heart for my lil man who is all grown up and starting college in a few weeks.


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