Have not been home quite a week, but I already miss most everything about Italy.

The first part of our adventure was Rome.  We landed at midnight but were still able to get up and adventure the Colosseum, forum and some of the streets the next day before dying of heat and exhaustion.

Everything there is SO BIG

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End of Term

This was my last week of classes and I am happy to report I received a B+ on my statistics final. I won’t get my final grades for several weeks but I am confident I have passed both my classes.

I have also crammed one week of work into a day and a half so I can take a trip I have dreamed of for many many years. I am Italy bound tomorrow afternoon.

This will be the furthest away I have ever traveled in my adult life. I am a bit nervous but I think my excitement trumps it!!

I will miss my family, the puppies, the garden, but am confident I will encounter things I have only dreamt of.

I will post photos when I return home in July.

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Last Day of Classes

Only two finals to go and I will be finished with my third year of college. First year at University.

I took a mini break to water the begonias on my front porch today. They are so beautiful.

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