Pressure Subsiding

Little C graduated from Intensive care to go home and begin life with his family. 

I celebrated my one year anniversary today with my amazing husband.  We won a weekend for two at a beach house in yachats.   Mostly studied but happy to spend time with him.  

Now if I can hurdle through this week and all that is stacked up for me all will be good.  

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Is the only way to describe the last two weeks.   Or stretch armstrong where my legs and arms are being stretched as far as humanly possible and there is no more stretch.


Thankfully I feel the pull subsiding a bit.

Mom got moved into her assisted living apartment yesterday and I will take a deep breath before the major clean up begins in her home.


Baby C is improving each day.  Yesterday he was taken off of his breathing assistance and remained stable all day.  Last night the nurses were going to move him from his incubator to a crib to see how well he does with the transition.   We are all praying for a quicker than predicted come home time.



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Ready for Sprinkles

You know the saying “when it rains it pours”.  If only it could be occasional showers or cloudy with a chance of sprinkles.  

My faith, joy, endurance have been put through a test the last few weeks.  

Mom was accepted into an assisted living complex and I have been coordinating her transition from a home she has lived in for 42 years to her apartment.  I am just going to say that this is not an easy task. I know I have read many other blogs about some of the struggles of moving or transitioning parents.  

In the midst of this, my daughter went into pre-term labor on Monday.   The hospital did everything they could to stop baby Charlie from coming early.  He still had five weeks till his due date.  On Thursday he decided he wanted out and out he came and directly into intensive care.  He is the largest baby in the NICU, but his lungs are not mature.   My daughter had c-section and if that wasn’t the bad part she was unable to see her baby for many hours.  When she did see him, all you could see were all these machines and monitors on this poor little man.   The pain she is experiencing along with the part of not being able to hold your child is so hard for a mom watch.  How do you comfort except holding her as she sobs, taking the little positive moves and trying to focus on them.  She will be released on Monday, but baby doctor said she should expect baby to stay in hospital 2-4 more weeks.  I am praying for shorter. 

My husband has been neglected alot with all the running around I have done between hospital, work, school and moms house   Not a good time to be away from home anyways…

Oh yes…school….kicking my PERVERBIAL ASS even before any of these things even began.  Well I will clarify, Statistics is kicking my ass.  We are learning how to calculate confidence intervals.  

So I am ready for some light sprinkles.  I am done with the downpour.  

On the bright side, the clematis I planted is in full look, the Iris are in full bloom, lots of hummers and new baby birds fluttering about.  The baby sheep and calf are growing everyday I drive by.  

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