After lunch today, we (my boss, assistant and I) ventured into the Passion Flower to look at some of their fun Christmas items they had on display.  Well our eyes were quickly directed to another shopper in the store, who was probably guessing 60+ years old….  Not that this is a site abnormal, but what she was wearing…omg~ I would have thought she was 13.  She had a mini skirt on that was shorter than the jacket she had on, black nylons, high heels, leg warmers and funky glasses.  She was a nice looking lady, definitely had the legs to pull of wearing a short skirt, but I am sure it is an unwritten rule somewhere that over the age of 40 something you don’t wear anything much over your knee caps no matter how good-looking you are.  Her daughter had more clothes on that she did.  

So we were all sort of talking about it on our way back to the office when HOLD IT~ another OMG moment…  someone wearing leggings or sweats about five sizes too small and not a shirt long enough to cover up all the cracks and crevices…  There was once a saying said to me, that has always stuck with me as a volleyball player… SPANDEX IS A PRIVELEGE NOT A RIGHT.

Not by any means am I the best dresser in the city, nor have a huge fashion sense, but I do know some of the spoken rules that should be known by all.  Especially if you are out in public places.  Is there such a thing as Fashion Police, or tickets handed out to those, who should know better?

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4 Responses to FASHION POLICE…. Alert….

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    This was funny 🙂 I can imagine it! I don’t understand the grandma, definitely not. I prefer elegance. Love your line that spandex is a privilege 🙂

  2. M says:

    Reblogged this on LOVELIFENOW.

  3. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    THank you for following my site.Best wishes.jalal


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