Reading a lot the last few months.  Lots of books, blogs, magazines, newspaper articles  (self help, mind calming, Meditation, recipes, cookbooks).  Actually I have never read as much as I have in the last 20 years sad to say. 

Life – time has a way of running away especially when raising a family, working, tending to loved ones.  The last few months I would not say I have had any more time than I had before-actually a little less as work has been more demanding, health issues  and my mom not feeling so good.  But I have been taking the time I would normally take to vegitate on the tv, an old movie,  computer,  house work and I have been using it to read, ponder and do a bit of journaling.

What I have come to realize is how differently people face the challenges that life deals them.  It is interesting to me to read the postive thoughts – sometimes negative thoughts and wonder WOW!!!  Amazing that this challenge would show them something new about an event or about themselves.   It makes me realize that my life challenges are no more than anyone else, no less than anyone else, but how I deal or express or feel through the challenge is very different. 

I have even gone to trying new things such as aroma-therapy, meditation and some cooking…well baking which I never ventured to before.   Cupcakes, Lemon and Red Velvet….

I haven’t given up on fly fishing or fly tying-which was one of my main escapes into myself and into serenity, just  paused for now until the weather gets better, and I can get the rod out and wet the line.  I have just found a few new things to use for self healing, or food for thought so to speak that are remarkable.  A new discovery that I really enjoy!! 

If we could all get together and share are journeys even for say 15 minutes and what got us through I think it would be amazing and healing to not only ourselves, but to others (like me).  Like the pieces of a puzzle we all come together and make it one big beautiful picture.  However that picture looks to each person.

A bench by the river....

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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