CADDIS JEWELRY~jewelry designed by insects

Okay, at my last Damsel fly meeting we were talking about all sorts of Caddis flies, and their morphing into flies and the imitation to make a trout desire the fly you are imitating.

In our lecture, Kathy M. brought up the way different Caddis build their homes to remain safe as they grow and emerge into flies.  I already knew somewhat about this as my friend taught me how to look under rocks etc, and what to look for in the river to see what may possibly be rising there eventually or even soon.    So one of the Caddis build themselves a rock home to live in while they grow.  They gather tiny little pebbles and make themselves a secure rock home to stay safe in as they grow.

One person decided to take this and make it into an interesting art form.  Kathy had one on and it was actually amazingly beautiful.    This jewelry was an experiment started by stream ecologist Ben Stout to see what the caddis fly larva would use to build their cases.

Kathy (not Kathy M), decided that this experiment of Ben’s she would try and turn into art.  After three years of hard work and many failed attempts the Stouts were able to construct a simulated stream into their work space  and raise 7,000 larva.  In the early stages they put she put semi-precious crushed stone and the larva quickly began building their gorgeous cases.  When the adults emerged and flew away she would carefully collect the caddis casings, surround them with epoxy to preserve and make them crush proof and then turn them into jewelry. 

The jewelry in my opinion is beautiful.  I know maybe not as unique as using the casings from an actual river, but how unique and thought-provoking that they were able to create such amazing art work.  They were featured in National Geographic and on Animal Planet.

Here are a couple of pictures….  I know not for all, but something I think I would wear around my neck.


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3 Responses to CADDIS JEWELRY~jewelry designed by insects

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  2. SB says:

    Very cool experiment. Re-posted to SwittersB. Nice find.

  3. 1robinzee says:

    i share on my blog, totally blown away-what a gift to my eyes, love what u have done 🙂


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