I need new hair…

I just have been debating for months and months going back to my shorter hair style.    It took me almost 5 years of hair growth to grow out all my layers, and had mid back length hair when it was wet.  But because of its coarse, curly texture, it sort of shrinks and grows outwards as it dries.

In January I had 6 inches or so taken off, to make it look more healthy, but still could pull it back into small pony tail as needed. 

With everything going on, my hair is turning more gray everyday, and thinning quickly also, so I believe I may try to figure out a shorter hair style that doesn’t require so much flat-iron or coloring. 

It is funny because my family has mixed opinions on this matter.  Some of them say NO…..you look so much better with longer hair, and the others say, you should mix it up a bit mom….it will make getting ready in the morning easier…. 

EEEEEEEEEEEEK  have hair appointment friday, but not sure what to do.  I had to recently change hairdressers’ so I am putting my hair in someone’s hands who has only done one thing with my hair……

Ideas?  Good thoughts?  Send them my way…..

Silly how us women think about our hair so much…. change  I am not a big fan.

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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5 Responses to I need new hair…

  1. First, I think you’re beautiful no matter what. Second, long hair is a lot of work. Third, when I met you, you had a very short pixie-ish ‘do, and I always thought it flattered your face. Finally, I don’t think you look BAD with your hair uncolored, but I can’t deny that you look a lot younger with your hair colored. Do what makes you happy — that’s the most important thing!

  2. I solved that problem when I shaved my head one day. Seriously. Figured, what the hell. Was unemployed at the time and not looking for work, so had a friend pull out an electric razon, number zero guard, and buzzed away. Have to admit, it made getting ready in the mornings so easy. It’s grown back now, but I’ll never let it go beyond 3 or 4 inches at the most. Short hair is just so much easier.

    And you asked for thoughts… I noticed you include the opinions from your family members. Well, YOU are the one wearing and maintaining your hair. You do what you want to do. If they want to come fix your hair every morning, a personal hairdresser (nice), then by all means…. cut it how they want.

    I still am thinking about shaving my head again. It really was so nice with no maintenance. I just have this nasty scar that I don’t like showing…. sigh….


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