EDIM~ LEADER~ EEEK~ what knot to doooo

  Those  who have fished with me before, know I am a horrible knot tier and leader builder. 

I am one who has about two knot books, and one quick knot guide I keep in my waders because it is handy when I am on the water. 

You would think I have fished enough to know how to make a great tapered leader, but in fact this is not the case.   I was buying the pre-made  tapered leaders you can buy at the Fly shop, or at most sporting goods store, until I got a major lecture last summer on what a waste of money,  line, etc….  I

Last weekend, I was once again trying to rebuild my leader line, with not much success.  I sat on my bed for over an hour trying to make sure it had proper taper, etc.  I also wanted to put a non floating leader on the second rod I purchased over the winter.  After many tries, I gave up and treated myself to a mother’s day present.  I went to a store (big box store) not to be mentioned here, as I am a huge fan of my local fly shop and they happened to be closed. 

I brought my rods in and went to the fly fishing section of the store…. they were very busy and I waited for a long time.  It seemed funny to me that so many men were in there buying things for themselves on mother’s day, and there were mothers tagging along behind with a child in the cart. (but whole other story).  I finally was able to get some help, and the gentleman helped me answer the questions I needed and then helped me tie my leader on correctly.  No charge thankfully, but the cost of the different size tippet line.  I asked if they had this nifty tool, that I have read about before, but the gentleman was too busy to help me and was unsure of where it was.  After about thirty minutes of looking through all the fishing things, I found it!!!  Added it to my purchases so hopefully it will help me in the future.

one of my fly lines courtesy pic of SB EEEEK

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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4 Responses to EDIM~ LEADER~ EEEK~ what knot to doooo

  1. flyfishbrat says:

    I need this tool. Mark would be so happy if I could eliminate this task for him.


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