Peaceful Wish

My Sis and I

I was pondering this thought this weekend.  I think I have come to a sense of peace in my current life.  Accepting of what is ahead, accepting of my current situation and mostly accepting what has happened in my past and ready to move forward. 

It seems that the struggles of the last few years I have learned to accept…or maybe I am okay with it.  I am ready to be healthy, ready to move forward and not dwell in my self esteem issues or abusive past,  very ready for happiness and to move forward.  If you asked me this several months ago the answer would have been NO.  Today it is yes….and I am grasping to the yes in my life and going with it.  No doubt things will change, they always do, but how I view the changes, embrace them is what is important.   I am going to say that I am sure there will be days I wake up with sadness in my heart still over different things that have transpired, but I have said my apologies, repented and ready to wake up with happiness.  With the sun shining on my face, the water whooshing besides me and birds singing in the air.

Health challenges are still with me for a long while and may or may not take the turn I would like, but even this I have come to peace with.  I must accept each day for what it gives me.  I accept each person with love, and thankfulness that they are in my life or have been part of my daily life in the past.    

So at peace finally?  I hope so….I am going to believe so today and going forward.  I hope this finds others who may have many struggles well too.   At peace too.  I would wish this for everyone, I know not everyone is ready for it, but maybe someday.  Lots of mediation, acceptance, breathing and prayer.


About m

blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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