I Think this is excellent advice for me 🙂

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Last week I received an email by Natalie who lives in Brisbane, Australia:

Hi Anuschka,

I love your psychology posts and the advice you give so I was wondering if you could give me some tips.

I am an undergrad student and I have such a hard time finishing my assignments on time because I just can’t stop procrastinating.
Weeks before I stress about the deadline but I never manage to start working until there is just enough time to do a mediocre job. Do you have any advice for a hardcore procrastinator like me?

x Natalie

This is my reply:

Dear Natalie,
I think the magic secret for overcoming procrastination is to realise that you are actually working a lot harder than people who don’t procrastinate. Let me explain.

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  1. Sound advice, indeed!


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