The Best Iced Coffee

Yummy from Violets & Cardamon

Violets and Cardamom

When I was at university, I worked at this cool little neighborhood coffee shop.  I loved working there and learned so much about coffee from the owner (he roasted, in-house, all the beans we sold and used!).  My favorite thing to drink there, other than a nice piping-hot cup of freshly-brewed Jamaican Blue Mountain, was an iced coffee.  Never having been much of an iced coffee drinker before working there, I was blown away at how adding ice to their coffee base did not make it taste like coffee-flavored water, which is how I remembered iced coffee always tasting.  And the reason why their iced coffee was so much better…because of a method called “cold-brew.”  Often times, most coffee shops just pour hot, brewed coffee over ice and what you end up with, as the ice begins to melt immediately, is a very watered-down cup of iced joe.  But that…

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