Over this past week I have been thinking about nicknames or silly names used as fun or terms of endearment between people.
My name (Maryam) has been given lots of goofy fun or loving names.
My grandfather used to call me “Mary Ham Bone”.
My ex called me Yami -as in the yogurt.
I had a co-worker that called me Yamster. That name has stuck with me when I put in an occasional shift down at the restaurant.
I had a prior friend who just used initials for me SPP or BPP silly Persian Princess or beautiful Persian Princess. Of course I came up with fun names for him as well such as SM – SS – SP silly man, silly socks or smarty pants. He once wore the funniest socks with a pair of shorts and from that day on the name silly socks stuck.

I have given or used nicknames for my children that both their father and/or I have come up with. Kels Bear, Little Man or Bubba and Mads or Madster.
My boyfriend now calls his daughter Bum. She is not a huge fan now that she is in her 20’s but I don’t think this nickname will be gone soon.

So where do we come up with these names? What brings us to come up with our friends or loved ones these “terms of endearment” or be Hypocoristic? Most nicknames are considered desirable but others may view them as a form of ridicule. I always took it as a form of endearment.



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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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