ROD BUILDING…something new to learn

I just signed up for a Rod Building class through my Cascade Family Fly Fishing Group.   At first I wasn’t too certain if I should, but since I have decided to learn all aspects of fly fishing; entomology, flies, landscape, river restoration conservation, fly tying then why not add Rod building to my list of things I learn. 

My most very favorite fly rod – the first fly rod I ever owned was a gift that I cherished since I started fly fishing.  An Echo 9′ 5 weight rod with a ross reel.   Last year I purchased off CL an Orvis 8’4 weight rod and reel set, but doesn’t beat the action of my Echo.  BUT NOW….I am going to take a class and learn how to build my own rod from Tony Overstake of True West Rods

I had to email the specs for what size I wanted, color, kind of guides, handle shape, thread color, butt section.  So many decisions to make and a newbie like me isn’t quite sure what would be the best.   I am still deciding on sizes as he is offering many different sizes and I am not sure what to pick.   Size range can be 6’6 to 9′ and 2-12#.  I think that is the hardest thing to think about for me-so I welcome any and all suggestions for anyone who would know.

Here are some testimonials from the True West Website:

 My True West rod is the best fly rod I have ever owned. The details and performance are as good as I could have imagined. Having a rod custom-made to my personal tastes and with the finest components available has made my fishing experiences extremely productive and enjoyable.

Josh Bidwell, Retired NFL Punter

True West Custom Fly Rods took the time to find out what I was looking for and built me a rod that has exceeded my expectations in every way. I have been fishing for trout for 10 years and was ready to get into spey casting for Deschutes River steelhead. After casting a single-handed rod and experiencing a very sore shoulder after a day of fishing, I decided I needed something that could handle a bit more line. The Sage VT2 8 weight spey rod True West built for me was an instant success. I let them choose the reel seat and other components and was very pleased with the blue reel seat used that matches the blue color of the rod blanks. They took the time to explain the whole process to me. I love telling people on the river about my spey rod when they notice this is no ordinary Sage  Jim Bradbury~Bend Oregon

Now through the fly fishing club, I have bought raffle tickets for a Spey Rod they have custom-built that is so absolutely beautiful.  I do not fish for Steelhead nor do I know how to Spey cast.  I have tried to learn, but I think I need to perfect my regular casting before trying a Spey cast.  So if I happen to win this rod… it will be re-gifted or donated for auction.

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