At the beginning of this summer I was surprised with two tickets to Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge. I know I have yacked about this on here before, maybe how it has been a dream of mine, or how I was lucky I was going…. now I get to say I was lucky to go.  The last picture is inappropriate so I apologize now if I offend anyone by posting it on here, but I just had to get a picture of this t-shirt. 

The last concert (big name) I was lucky to see was Robert Palmer when he was at the Hult Center over 20 years ago. This was a much larger venue, with much better scenery. It was a three-day event that he does every year, and I was lucky to attend one of the three days. Set over the Gorge on a hill-top you are over looking the stage and behind the stage is the Columbia Gorge, and beautiful hills, and the sun setting. By the time he got on stage it was dark and all the stars lit up the sky along and there was a cool breeze blowing across the hilltop.

There were people everywhere wearing glow sticks, drinking beer, laughing and talking about past events or how drunk they got the night before etc. Then there were people guestimating what songs he would play in his set or even in his encores and how they were hoping it was this song or that song.

I will admit that most of the songs he played on this night were new to me and I do not have any of his new cd’s. He played two of my favorite songs Gravedigger and Stay or Leave, but one favorite song – When the World Ends that I was so hoping he would sing he didn’t on this night. It was the last night of his show and he admittedly said he was very tired, but that didn’t stop him or his awesome band from playing for over two hours. His band was amazing. It was amazing the whole theatrical event was amazing, the people watching was amazing, the company was amazing. A night I will not soon forget. THANKS LG for crossing this off my bucket list.



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  1. LG says:

    And yes what an an amazing concert it was, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The gorge is amazing. Thanks for tagging along. Lol

  2. Looks like it was a big chill ! I’m jealous !


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