My friend says rice makes your hair silky LOL…. well it does not mine, but I sure love it…..being Persian and all

brent's iPhone & japan


The rice harvest is coming very soon.

And I love ‘koshihikari’ (a type of rice)

Did you know that Japanese rice is heavily subsidized? The farmers get about 15,000 yen/4 hectares of paddy (80,000yen/1,000sq.m)

Plus, they will get more of a subsidy if the price falls below 12,000yen/60kg….

Not to mention tax breaks etc… for growing rice.

Japan has had a tariff on imported rice (778%!!) to keep the domestic market self sufficient, but the government surely must be strained by the amount of money they (we?) have to pay to eat rice.

It used to be that Japanese ate nearly 120kg of rice a year (around 1960), but that is about halved now since many people have changed their dietary habits, including eating bread and pasta..etc.

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