Since his baby brother came along I have been planning a special something we could do.  Well Saturday was family fishing day and I thought it may be a good opportunity for him to catch a fish.  

Unfortunately I arrived early and it was so much busier than I anticipated I couldn’t bring out the fly rods.  I asked one of the ODFW volunteers for help and they rigged him up with a spinning rod.  Sadly I have not a clue on how to use a spinning rod, but the volunteers were patient and showed us how to do it all.  

There were people right next to us catching fish.   All of a sudden I hear, “Mimi, I feel a tug!!” He was  excited I told him to start reeling. He brought it to shore and was off to tell the volunteer he caught a fish.   We took it up to the cleaning station and headed back to see if he could catch more.  Well this time he cast it out- and fifteen minutes later he caught another fish.  Oh such excitement. Made me so happy. 

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Filled with Color

A quick stroll in the garden with Charlie.  Some beautiful blooms I caught with my phone.   And of course Charlie who is celebrating his second year of living with is.  Life is good. 

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Pressure Subsiding

Little C graduated from Intensive care to go home and begin life with his family. 

I celebrated my one year anniversary today with my amazing husband.  We won a weekend for two at a beach house in yachats.   Mostly studied but happy to spend time with him.  

Now if I can hurdle through this week and all that is stacked up for me all will be good.  

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