Who is Watching Who?






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SCHOOL… bwah bwah bwah

I have been buried in school work since I got back from my great trip.  On monday I got an exciting email from the school telling me to order my cap and gown for commencement ceremonies this coming June.  Now, I  figured there maybe an error, but I am not far away from finishing.


TODAY IT WAS CONFIRMED….How depressing to receive this email message.

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Aloha Spirit

Not very much rush on the big island.  So refreshing actually.  I asked Jake why no one was speeding down these long straight away roads, or there were not even many police officers.  When we dined out, there was no rush from the server, kitchen or bartender.    Jake said, “you drive with Aloha, you live with Aloha”.  By the end of my trip I realized I had really not worn my watch.  There was no schedule for anything, except our one day snorkel outing.  It would be nice if the Aloha spirit would move to the main land.  Much more peaceful way to live.


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