On my shoulders makes me happy ­čÄ╝­čÄ╝­čÄ╝. The last few days of sunshine and warmth has lifted my spirits and hopeful for the months ahead.  

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Staying Positive

Is sometimes hard when you are unaware of surrounding circumstances occurring to your loved one.  I think it is most vital and assuring to keep a positive face even if you are scared  on the inside.  

Days of beeps and blood work, drips of iv no sleep, I lay here in the cold hospital room watching the sun rise into the sky.  It is beautiful and helps me feel good about the upcoming day no matter what the news is.  

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Humanity Still Exists

I witnessed something so selfless today my mind is still swirling.  

After a rough evening, we were sent to the dreaded ER. Generally a dreadful place filled with sickness, anger, helplessness.  

After an hour of watching I encountered the most amazing woman.  She was dressed in hospital attire and she was fluttering around the room tending to everyone’s needs, gripes, snarles and cries.  I watched her for quite a bit before she came wondering our way-“do you need anything, pillow, blanket, tissues?”, she offered with a friendly smile.  Politely saying no, a conversation began about how tough her job was.   Came to be she was a volunteer.   WHAT????   Volunteer there one day a week four hours a day.  

Now what is so amazing about this besides her kind spirit, generous soul, was no one was aware of this.  They treated her not so well as they waited impatiently to be treated.   Some even yelling at her about how long it was taking, and she took it in with an understanding smile.  “Let me go check with the front desk?,  maybe I can get you a pillow to make your wait a little more comfortable”. Her eye was constantly streaming the room looking at the patients in need or even the ones pulling up to the entrance.  

UNBELIEVABLE.  I haven’t witnessed something so amazing in a long time.  And then I spent the rest of the day at the hospital thinking about the why’s of her volunteer service.  I could think of a million other jobs,  maybe more rewarding, less difficult than the one she returned to each week.  AMAZING. 

A true angel and I witnessed it first hand.  

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