2018- Welcome

2017 was full of wonderful moments and miracles. Birth of my grandson, move of my mom to senior living center, fly fishing adventure on Madison, Yellowstone Sure these are big moments but there were so many small daily moments that brought blessings and happiness to me.

I am ready for 2018 and what is coming. The two known events are my father is moving down to Eugene to be close to us after living in Washington for thirty plus years. Second exciting thing is my spousal unit booked us airline tickets to Italy. That has been on my bucket list and I will be able to cross it off after this summer.

The blessings and joy keep coming. I hope the same for all of you. My blogging friends, it’s funny I have never met you face to face but I think of you often. After reading a post I imagine what your life maybe like that day or even more. If I read someone needs prayer or positive thoughts I send them that way and look for updates. Amazing a blogging community would bring me more friends than I would ever dream of.

HAPPY 2018 to everyone. Love you all!!

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Merry Christmas

From all the beasts at the farm. All tuckered out from anticipation of Santa



Dixie Doodle

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Full Disclosure

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