Opportunity Knocks

I was approached my an employment recruiter for a job that sounds very intriguing. 

So I have been with my current employer for 29 years this last October.  He has always been a generous boss Giving me time to school, raise kids etc.. 

the problem is I don’t enjoy my job on the least. There was a time I looked forward to going to work, but that changed about 8 years ago.  

So what to do…would be big change and require is to move. 

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Half Way Critique 

Five weeks in and I have a very different view of two of my three professors.  

I started this term feeling a bit overwhelmed, as any new term, but when I received the course work, syllabus and lecture from each of my professors I felt doomed.  

The teacher of my writing class seemed very abrasive and unorganized.   Now half way through the term I enjoy going up there during my lunch hour two days a week.  Eager to hear what we maybe discussing.  A lot of new vocabulary words-some I had heard before but didn’t know their meaning and some I have never heard.   I have written a lot of different papers for this class already.  He challenges us to view things in a way I haven’t before.   I go away thinking about the discussion we had and somewhat eager to know more.  

Speech class on the other hand is a whole different cup of tea.   Not only is it a  5:30 to 9:30 pm class every Wednesday, which is the first hurdle to get over, but the teacher just lectures to us. If he asks for input he only talks over what maybe inputed.  It makes you feel somewhat stupid for your input.  He reminds me much of my ex husband which is very discouraging.  If you question what he is discussing, he becomes very adamant and irritated.  Tonight, the first two and half hours was on visual aids to be used for a big speech coming up in two weeks.  Literally we analyzed 30 different poster boards of past students and what they did wrong.   Something that maybe could have been done in less time with less visual.   UGH… shoot me please 
And lastly I am taking sort of a required course because I had dropped my statistics course last term which pushed me into this somewhat detention… punishment course required by the college if you drop a certain percentage. The teacher reminded me at first of an old old lady who just was in detention as well having to teach us.   I visualized her much like a lady who you may find sitting at a slot machine in Reno with a cigarette hanging from her lips.  

Last night in class she was so positive, uplifting and funny I saw her in a whole new light.  I think possibly she is a good teacher for those who struggle in class and is eager to see them succeed.  

Just goes to show me I shouldn’t judge a professor on looks only.  

Lots of homework to do this weekend but have four weeks left of this term.  I applied at several different universities two weeks ago.  I am anxious to see how everything turns out.  
Home in bed and I have Charlie here to keep my feet warm 

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How Wednesday’s Feel

To me…

After juggling volleyball, work and school from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm

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